Battlefield 2142 Next-Gen Lighting RTGI Graphics Mod Download Page

 This is Battlefield 2142 in highest graphics ever! With the recent reveal on Battlefield 2042, I was excited to see how Battlefield 2142 would look like with project remastered and enhanced lighting and ray tracing global illumination RTGI reshade by Pascal Glicher.




Project Remaster:


  • Install Project Remaster Mod for Battlefield 2142 from the link, it has instruction on how to do it.
  • Next Install reshade and select BF2142.exe and install as d3d9 with all effects selected.
  • Install RTGI Shader.
  • Copy preset .ini to Battlefield 2142 folder.
  • Run Battlefield 2142 with Project Remaster.
  • Press "Home" open reshade menu and select preset. (2142NIGHTSPECIAL.ini is especially made for night maps)