NFSU2 REDUX 2.2 - Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered Ray Tracing Graphics Mod 2021 ULTRA GRAPHICS RETEXTURE TEXTURE MOD RESHADE RTGI Next-Gen Graphics Mod FNAL

This is the REDUX 2.0 for NFSU2 after NFSU2 REDUX mod from 2017, I decided to make a new one with RTGI. This is Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered graphics mod with ray tracing global illumination RTGI by Pascal Glicher with overhaul texture mod by KTMX and road texture mod by Dragozool .D-Zool and ultra realistic insane real life immersive lighting mod, NFSUG2 is like a remastered or remake 2021 made for next-gen PC and consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X. 🚗

A good news for you is that I am giving this mod for everyone for free and you will get both RTGI and without RTGI version for those of you who can't afford RTGI right now!

Download from here

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