Dying Light Real Life Graphics MOD Download Page

Dying Light with RTGI looks insane! When I say Insane, it means insane insane! Just going back to dying light and trying out new RTGI and some reshade, I could not believe this game had so much graphics hidden behind the regular lighting in the game. I believe this game's graphics was quite underrated and unnoticed. Truly dying light is now looking pretty good. Hopefully you'll love it as well.

Reshade - reshade.me
Preset - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PvbS2s-YaMiTkxbeqcHFHN9s870KEoiN/view

  • Download Reshade setup, select DyingLightGame.exe from \Dying Light and select all effects. Then Install as DirectX9.
  • After that, Install RTGI shader by Pascal Glichers.
  • Copy Deadlight.ini to \Dying Light folder
  • Open Game. Press "Home" to open Reshade Menu.
  • Select the Preset and Enjoy.