Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 Remastered Ultra Realistic Graphics Mod 2018 | NFSMW KTMXHancer | Download Page


Full game(Apparently I recommend downloading my version of the game because of drastic changes made in the gamee files, the game is modded but no worries *Original CARS*)


  • Download the NFSMW.ZIP
  • Extract NFSMW folder to outside of  your Drive (D:). Otherwise it won't unfortunately work so it should be you D drive. So make sure youdo it.
  • Once you do that simply start Texmod.exe from that folder.
  • Now browse speed.exe from top where you will see a folder iconNow you will see another folder icon in the middleNow browse from NFSMW_KTMXHancer.tpfNow Select NFSMW_KTMXHancer and Click Run
  • Because of high texture it will take some times but for low PC with HDD it will take up to a minute.
  • Enjoy!
  • NOTE - If you ever encounter reshade problem press home and select NFSMW_KTMXHANCER.ini present.

How to disable Reflection

  • Open up reshade home button
  • uncheck the effect called "reflectivebumpmapping".
  • done