Install reshade as DXGI/d3d11 by selecting GWT.exe(:\Ghostwire Tokyo\Snowfall\Binaries\Win64)

then copy Ghostwire.ini from to (\Ghostwire Tokyo\Snowfall\Binaries\Win64)

open game, select preset and enjoy.

Installation is also similar to this video except rtgi part HOW TO INSTALL RAY TRACING RTGI AND REMASTERED GRAPHICS MOD HALO 3 MCC - YouTube

if you been in my channel for sometimes, then

you have probably seen many games from different graphic level to get a makeup and by different graphic level

i mean, some are old and miserable, some look so yellow its like a toilet used for centuries by men with intestine

infection unwashed and in require of bleech and some look good already but we do it anyway. and some look scary

and you make it more scary.

and so today, we are going to do a reshade makover of ghostwire tokyo and our main focus is to make more horrifying

you see this game is inbetween folklore and magical fuckery and i thhout adding horror vibe to it will make it

more awesome as it already has elements that make this game scary. for examples,1 its set in tokyo which is a place of history

and history is scary, 2,theres GHOST in it and 3, it is infact a horror gamethat isnt scary enough.

so with that being said, i made it darker, because people are afraid of darkness, and ghost appear when its dark

and probably thats the technic every game developers do because,if theres light allaround you even the

scaries looking ghost will look like a joke. and I also got inspired by japanese horror animes and this art that that gave

me heartattack everysingle night ever since I found it on google as child. thus i had this castleton green shade here.

i also added flair because they look kinda cool in the night and because this game is so blurry, which is probably because

of the attempt they did to make the visuals look cinematic with chromatic abberation and what not, i decided to add sharpness

and highpass to it to battle the blurry effect in the game otherwise its difficult to see enemies in the distance.

the reason highpass is better than other sharpness is because pictures with lower contrast feels softer and less sharp

while on high white and black value its easier for the eyes to see these differences and edges appear sharper. highpass

makes a black and white layer to only keep the higher value high and reduce the lower ones which is opposite of lowerpass

and then when blended with a normal picture, it appears sharp and even details are increased greatly.

afterall, as such much as cinematic effects are important for a scary game, it is also important to see the faces of the ghost

clearly to be scared.

Now ghostwire is a paranormal horror rpg and openworld game until you finish it. it is a bethesda game the company where

they published skyrim and fallout and it is developed in japan and the game is also set in japan, in the city of tokyo.

according to the games directory kenji, the game was inspired by the duality of tokyo. here are office buildings 

constantly under construction, but if you turn the corner, you can walk directly into a shrine,”“When you walk into a

shrine, the air feels different, it almost tastes different, so it feels like you’ve walked into a different plane.

 Sometimes you can be walking down the streets of Shibuya, turn down an alleyway, and, a few steps in, you’ll be 

surrounded by normal houses or a completely different setting. We wanted to take that idea of stepping into another world

in a very natural way.” or so they said. because in this game akita was rushing to hospital to see his sister who apparently

was in fire accident at home but before she got out she wanted to take the wedding rings of their dead parents and thats

when roof fell off and she went into a coma because of the lack of oxygen.s but unfortunately akita did not make it

and got into a car accident,  at that time a tsunamy of smoke came and whoever was touched disapeared into air other than

their clothes and their souls were trapped by hannya and jerks from underworld. akita wasnt dead though because he was possed

by someone called KK. he kinda got into fight with the possed guy but eventually decided they;ll each other to defeat some

bad guy taking over souls of people of tokyo and see his sister. unfortuntately his sister was takeny away by hannya masked guy

because he needed her perticularly to do some stupid ritual to open gates to another world. now your job is to find hanya

in the way, you meet more people in your cult, as kk was a detective,you kinda do that job as well. the city now has

dogs that can detect souls and cats are businessmen, trying to sell you food item in higher prices. cats are assoles.

he later kinda managed to defeat all the bosses in the game with cheatengine (or thats what it is for me) but just when

he finds his sister, his sister appears to be being used in the ritual already and nothing was sopping it. as the villian

was about to win and the game was going to be over. her sister gets up and reversed stuff and then goes to sleepmode again. 

main character then turns into a saiyan and defeats hannya and once everythin is over, her sister dies. game over.