Assassin's Creed 1 CryNation 4 2024 Release


Password: ktmx

This is the CryNation 4 release for Assassin's Creed 1. A completely rework from previous version with all new textures with 3D effects with normal maps and latest shaders that takes graphics of Assassin's Creed to its limit.

Note that this mod is gloomier and has rather more details. This also has different costume of soldiers inspired by actual history and I've also tried to make it less shiny like before. Any ideas and critics are much appreciated. More key points are.  AC Unity like high contrast shadows and lighting.  More detailed Ray Tracing GI and reflections.  New trees and other foliage's like bushes and grasses.  Other textures are also either upscaled or replaced with new suitable textures with PBR effects. Dresses of NPC and horses and Altair are HD and realistic with actual clothe details and clothe wrinkles. Including flags. * Also included extra presets of different looks.


Download and Open the Setup.

Choose your game directory.


Now open the new exe file installed in your game folder or from start menu. (For example, Aassassin's Creed Brotherhood Remaster Launcher.exe)



This does not require RTGI or any additional shader downloading.

This quick mod player is experimental. So, if you are missing graphics even after starting with new exe, then open game with texmod manually and select all .tpf files. And press "Home" in game to select my presets.

Another fix is starting the new .exe as administrator.