Need for Speed Carbon KTMXHancer Finale Graphics Mod



Upgrade your NFS Carbon experience with the Need for Speed Carbon KTMXHancer Finale Graphics Mod, meticulously crafted by ktmx to deliver a visually stunning and nostalgic gameplay experience. This comprehensive mod not only enhances the game with remastered, realistic graphics but also incorporates cutting-edge technologies like ray tracing, global illumination, light bounces, reflections, and high-definition effects, propelling NFS Carbon into the next generation of gaming. By selecting the NFS Carbon Directory during installation, you can seamlessly integrate these enhancements, which include every texture and the exclusive KTMXShaders, all developed by KTMX. Additional features like the widescreen mod and extra options are provided courtesy of NFS MODS to complement the main graphical upgrades. Elevate your game with this fully realized modification that respects the original's aesthetic while providing a modern twist.


  • Download and Open the Setup from Download Attachments.

  • Select Need for Speed Carbon directory and install.

  • Go to your game folder.

  • Open NFSC game directly if you don't want texture mods.

  • If you want texture improvement mods, then open Texmod from the game folder and choose the .tpf file from the game folder and press run.

  • Enjoy

Note- If you want to adjust rain settings or turn it off just go to NFSC/script/extraoptions.ini and disable it.