Resistance 2 Remastered Graphics Mod - OVERHAUL GRAPHICS WITH FAKE RT ON RPCS3



Installation: Put KTMXShader folder in Reshade-Shaders/Shaders folder.

Put that ini in the RPCS directory.

Install Reshade using Vulkan on RPCS3.exe.

Use Vulkan on RPCS3 when running the game.

Choose the preset. You can also adjust the given shaders.

Experience the classic PS3 Gem, Resistance 2 like never before with the Remastered Graphics Mod! This incredible mod transforms the original PS3 game into a visual masterpiece, rivaling modern console titles. Let’s dive into the details:

Visual Overhaul: The mod leverages the power of ReShade and a custom-coded shader by KTMX to enhance the game’s graphics. Say goodbye to the old, yellowish urine filter – now replaced with vibrant colors and improved clarity. Global Illumination Illusion: The mod introduces a fake global illumination effect, creating beautiful color bloom. Watch as gunshots and light sources alive with this lighting, making every scene feel cinematic. High Detail: It has a sharp shader by KTMX and also custom preset that increases game detail and with Unsharp filter, old textures look more HD. Max out the settings for the best experience and use Vulkan. If you’re ready to rediscover Resistance 2, get the mod and embark on an epic journey!