Far Cry 3 2024 Real Life Graphics Mod Ray Tracing Remastered Retextured

Far Cry 3 Real Life Graphics Mod 2024

Here are some change logs of the current version.

 -Trees and Leaves with real life photorealistic textures.

-HD'er roads and other textures.

-High-definition characters.

 -Fixed previous textures and

-removed anime posters from old mods.

Far Cry 3 in Real Life Like Graphics using Ray Tracing Rashade lighting and many effects alongside with photorealistic remastered texture mod by KTMX brings all the foliage and the whole tropical map of Far Cry 3 come to life. I'd still like to work more on the mod, so I would not call it the last release. This time, instead of more colourful look, I went for photorealism as I thought that Far Cry series, other than Far Cry 5, lacked photorealism. The beautiful forests in the game would look amazing in Ray Tracing Graphics with more realistic plants. Thus here you go. Although PS5 won't have a remaster, and not heard of any new Far Cry releases, this is as far as I could go with Far Cry 3 Graphics Today.