Assassins' Creed 2 Remastered Graphics CryNation Final Ultra Graphics Mod AC2 NO RTGI

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Thanks a lot for watching, don't forget to subscribe to this channel because most of you are not, drop a like if you liked it and turn on the notification if you want to be notified. This is the final release of AC2 CRYNATION FINAL! You can get this mod from my Patreon: My Website: AC2 is no doubt the best thing ever happened in Assassin's Creed Franchise. Taking place in Italy, amazing creation of 15th century Florance, Venice & other locations with such deep quality story and musical work by Jasper Kyd, alive city with AI of different purposes and game features such as horse riding to flying early prototype plane (glider) from Vinci this game was overall a miracle. Though this game has everything that makes it a legendary memorable game that no one can forget, for the age it was released in, the hardware of that time could not take much graphics and so the graphical features (most importantly the draw distance lod) were nerfed though it was way ahead of its time. After many years (12 ig), video game modifications kept making changes to this game graphics and were doing quite well. But this time, CryNation Final release that we've been waiting for, for at least 2 years, is now bringing ultimate photorealistic and insanely real life lighting graphics with the power of reshade and texmod (texture modification) adding very high quality normal maps and photorealistic textures that are focused on real life Florance locations and concept of how they looked like making it historically accurate as well as beautiful and nostalgic giving romantic, nostalgic and very breathtaking sunshine and lighting effects making each moment of this game feel like it felt back in the days and revive this ultimate Assassin's Creed II pinnacle of AC :D We are happy to announce that this is Non-RTGI means RTGI shader is not required and this graphics mod is not paid. Music: Patrick Patrikios | Vishnu Large Smile Mood - Nico Staf More Graphics mod Playlist - Patreon (access all mods ad free and early access ) KTMX is focused on making beautiful graphics mod, enhance looks of old video games adding high quality texture using texmod and other softwares, video game mods and Reshade and RTGI to make great and enhanced lighting and also talking about gaming on various topics. All graphics mods and content shown in this video are made totally by me in high definition, games are recorded in 4K and in the best quality for visually immersive experience,. So in short, the channel is about video game videos that are original and good content. Specs: RTX 3070 i5 9400 16 GB of RAM