Spider Man Web of Shadows Revive Graphics Mod FINAL DOWNLOAD PAGE

After a very long time, we are back on Spiderman Web of Shadows once again and this time this is the non-rtgi graphics mod that does not require rtgi and vastly improved from previous version. This mod revives or short of a remaster mod for Spider Man Web of Shadows with Miles Morales and Spiderman PS4/PS5 skin in the gameplay.

This mod adds road texture, building texture of new york, vegetations, grass and skybox with texmod and lots of graphical improvement with reshade as well. This graphics mod makes SPWS looks absolutely epic and it is in other words an ultra realistic graphics mod which is both realistic and pretty I would say. It has ULTIMATE texture and insane lighting that makes it look like Spiderman PS4. Huge thumbs up to ynsection for Spiderman Advanced Suit and Miles Morales Suit mods.

  • First, Open Reshade-setup, select Spider-Man Web of Shadows.exe  and install as Directx9 and select all effects.

  • Copy Preset files (.ini files from google drive) to \Spider Man Web of Shadows\image\pc folder.
  • Open Texmod and select Spider-Man Launcher.exe and select Web Of Shadows The Spiderman.tpf or Web Of Shadows Miles Morales.tpf and any skin mods if you like and  run like this in the gif.

  • After running the game, press home to open reshade menu. Select your desired Preset which is  Webofshadows.ini.