FAR CRY 4 RTGI+REGRADE Graphics Mod - Download Page

Simple lighting fixes with Regrade and Reshade RTGI by Pascal Glicher makes Far Cry 4 even better and stand out even today. Watch Far Cry 4 on ultra max graphics with realistic graphics mod using reshade with RTGI and Regrade.

Reshade - reshade.me
RTGI 0.25 and Regrade from - https://www.patreon.com/mcflypg

  • Download Reshade setup, select FarCry4.exe from Far Cry 4\bin and select all effects. Then Install as DirectX11/12.
  • After that, Install RTGI shader by Pascal Glichers.
  • Copy FC4_KMXHancer.ini to Far Cry 4\bin
  • Open Game. Press "Home" to open Reshade Menu.
  • Select the Preset (FC4_KMXHancer) and Enjoy.